Best plugins for eCommerce site design and development

ECommerce websites are really in the demand these days as the trend of online shopping is getting high. The working ladies, busy students, tired office men , all hate to waste their rest time or holiday on shopping. One has to do so many things in a short day that it’s really inconvenient to roam around in markets to get what you want.

Online shopping has made it easy and this is the reason why all the retailers and shop owners want to get an online store so that they cannot miss their customer just because they have no time to visit the shops.

ECommerce site design and development is reaching to its peak. If you are one of the eCommerce site designer and developer, you need to know these exciting plugins that wordpress offers you to make your site more effective, cool and user friendly.


Cart 66 Lite is a very light plugin that never let your website get heavy and take more time to load. It enables the user to use its amazing and responsive data base to sale digital as well as physical products. Its interface is very easy to use and is one of the blessings for the field of eCommerce site design and development.

Jig shop Wordpress e-commerce Plugin

It is a powerful plugin that will let you build your online store in minutes. Using this plugin, you can easily host a store where you can manage products, categorize them and access the data base through the easy visual interface.

WP e-commerce

It is a powerful, famous and the free wordpress plugin that is highly customizable and can be used with any theme. You can modify it and make it the way you want. It provides a wide range of payment options including cheque, PayPal etc.

Over 1.5 billion downloads, this plugin proves its worth of being the most used free plugin in eCommerce site design and development.